Positions offered

One Research Scientist Position and one Postdoctoral Research Fellow Position are available at Khalifa University, United Arab Emirates (UAE). The positions are offered to perform computational work under the supervision of Prof. Lourdes F. Vega, on the project “Novel 2D-crystals for the hydrogen economy”.

The appointment will be made for up to 3 years, based on satisfactory performance.

Project Description

The objective of the project is to explore and develop 2D-crystals as a disruptive technology addressing some of the challenges faced by hydrogen energy conversion technologies, a collaborative work to be carried out between Prof. Sir Andre Geim (Nobel Prize in Physics) and his team at the University of Manchester (UoM), and Prof. Lourdes F. Vega and her team at Khalifa University (KU). The project is funded by the Research & Innovation Center for Graphene and 2D Materials (RIC-2D Center), hosted by Khalifa University, as part of a strategic investment by the Government of Abu Dhabi, UAE.

We search for two candidates to pursue fundamental research using computational modelling tools on novel 2D-materials to be used as proton conductive membranes for hydrogen production. The project involves applying multiscale molecular modelling methods such as Quantum and Molecular Mechanics (QM/MM) methods, Electronic Structure and transition-state calculations based on Density Functional Theory (DFT), Molecular Dynamics (MD) studies and Machine Learning. The multiscale modelling calculations carried at KU will be combined with experimental techniques used at UoM to interpret exciting new discoveries and to further guide the synthesis and testing of the experiments.

Required Education/qualification/skills

·       PhD degree in Materials Science, Physics, Chemistry, Chemical engineering, or related fields.

·       Strong background in theoretical and computational physics/chemistry, as proven by a track record of publications, as well as proven experience with computational software for quantum chemistry, classical molecular simulations, and/or reactive force fields. 

·       Experience in 2D materials will be a plus. Knowledge in machine learning algorithms and/or network science is an advantage.

·       The Research Scientist position requires at least three years of postdoctoral experience, mastering computational modelling, and some project management and supervision records.

We seek enthusiastic and highly talented individuals, with initiative, creativity, and willing to work in an international and interdisciplinary team. Excellent communication skills, both oral and written are required. Motivation to solve challenging problems, including the need to meet tight deadlines, to perform multiple tasks, and to support other researchers. Able to work independently yet a good team player. Ability to quickly learn about new topics and tools.

What we offer

Very competitive salary, considering the qualifications of the candidate.

Access to a well-developed research infrastructure, including the RIC-2D and the RICH centres and KU HPC facilities.

A dynamic climate and innovative research atmosphere inviting lively, open, and critical discussion within and across different fields of research, with multidisciplinary and multicultural teams.

Living and sharing experiences in Abu Dhabi, a very modern, vibrant and dynamic city to live and work.

How to apply

Interested candidates clearly meeting the above requirement can send their CVs and a cover letter indicating experience and motivation as related to the position, availability, and the name and contact information of three possible referees for recommendation letters, to lourdes.vega@ku.ac.ae and daniel.garcia@ku.ac.ae.


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