Campus Iberus is the Campus of International Excellence (CEI) of the Ebro Valley, which is the consortium of four universities in North-Eastern Spain: University of Zaragoza, Public University of Navarra, University of Lleida and University of La Rioja. The consortium aims at the smart specialization in 5 strategic research areas: Agri-food and Nutrition, Health Technology, Energy and Sustainability, Social and Territorial Development and Circular Bio-economy.

As part of the international strategy, the consortium coordinates talent attraction programmes for researchers of excellence under Marie Sklodowska-Curie cofund actions.

At the moment, the application call for postdoctoral researchers is open in any of these research fields:

  • Biomedicine; Cancer; Organ and system pathophysiology; Immunology, Infection and new therapies; Clinical Medicine; Biotechnology; Materials for biomedicine.
  • Food science and technology; Agriculture and Farming; Sustainable systems of plant production and protection.
  • Agriculture and Forestry; Forest pathology; Biodiversity; Earth and Water sciences; Climate and atmosphere; Environmental technology.
  • Chemistry; Chemical science and technology; Chemical engineering.
  • Energy; Materials for Energy and Environment.
  • Information and Communication technologies; Computational science and information technology; Microelectronics, Nanotechnology and Photonics.
  • Psychology; Educational science; Linguistics and languages.
  • History; Archeology; studies of the past.
  • Economy and its applications.

Employment terms: 3 years full-time (37,5 h/week) contracts. Gross salary of 37.828 EUR/year (researchers with family have a greater gross salary of 39.185 EUR/year). Research budget of 28.800 EUR for research costs, trainings and networking. Social health care included under the regime of Spanish Social Security System. Vacation of 22 working days/year, besides 3 days of personal duties. Maternity/paternity leave of 16 weeks.

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